That Thing About Escaping a Toxic Relationship

One More Thing Before You Go

In This Episode we're going to explore what it's like to live in a relationship with a narcissist, an emotional domestic violence situation that is unfortunately hidden under the guise what appears to be normal. We're going to have a conversation with the woman that in essence was captive in that relationship for 22 years before escaping, healing, and helping others move forward in their life as she did reinventing herself along the way. I’m your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About Escaping a Toxic Relationship you are going to learn

1.    How to Recognize a Narcissistic relationship

2.    What Toxic Love is

3.    Red Flags for women and men to watch for

4.    Escaping that Toxic Relationship

5.    Healing and Moving Forward

My Guest is Denise Kavaliauskas is a Transformational Love Coach, Speaker & International Best Selling author. She is a survivor & THRIVER of narcissistic abuse. Denise is the founder of Life after Narcissism CSW Coaching, a global resource for victims of emotional abuse that offers support and coaching to women who are READY to break ties with narcissistic abuse in past relationships. As a survivor of trauma in narcissistic abuse, Denise uses her real- life experience as a way to connect with others and teach, love & support them in their healing journey.Denise's mission statement is "to enhance the lives of survivors of abuse. Through the four core pillars of healing, we empower women to heal the trauma and awaken their true potential to create an extraordinary LIFE AFTER NARCISSISM.” She has a clear vision for seeing the spots that exist in every “stuck” situation, and the creativity to transform it. Denise has managed to come out of her own 22- year toxic relationship with a smiling face and a positive attitude and now shows other women (just like you) how to do the same for themselves. Find out more about Denise and how to contact her on our website at

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