Zennurgy, Mindset, Life, and Laughs

One More Thing Before You Go
This Episode we learn the ABC's of Zen, the journey of a school teacher, a mother, poet, and producer who teaches us resilience, fortitude, and laughter can bring your life joy and change. We have a conversation about ALL things Zennurgy, which is a principle based living, the Principle of abundance, surviving domestic violence and sexual assault; Managing triggers and trauma of PTSD. If you’ve lost yourself and didn’t know who you were ever coming out of domestic violence or any other situation causing that kind of trauma you’ll learn that the purpose of the synergy is to enhance your own life and impact your circle. My guess in this episode is Marlena “Zen Ase” Johns, A black woman of the South, born in Baton Rouge, educated at the HBCU Jarvis Christian College and most recently an artistic entrepreneur, a mother raising twin sons, a Poet, a Producer, a Comedian, an Activist, a podcast host and a Survivor. Find out more at https://beforeyougopodcast.com

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