One More Thing Before You Go

That Thing About a Streaming Addiction

One More Thing Before You Go

Binge watching, playlist, TV, iPad, phone… to stream or not to stream that is the question. Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu live, YouTube TV, apple plus, Disney+ are you one of the millions upon millions of people that stream your entertainment content? Are you getting STREAM Fatigue? In this episode of one more thing before you go over the coffee cup Diane and I are going to get down and dirty in the shower of streaming content! Welcome to one more thing before you go Friday over the tea cup episode where we get to talk about stuff, in this particular case we’re going to talk about TV some of our favorites, some of our frustrations, and the world of streaming, and we are going to share with you a problem that we all have That Thing About an Addiction to Streaming NOTE anyone having the ORIGINAL posted Saturday Sept 4 May not have the NEW VERSION PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEWER VERSION.



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