One More Thing Before You Go

That Thing About My Best Friend Reached Out From the Other Side

One More Thing Before You Go

What would you do if a psychic tells you that your best friend since childhood who committed suicide years ago has a message for you? Do you run? Does it change your life? Does it relieve you of the guilt that you felt for not doing more to stop him? What’s it like to have a dream that foretold the future? We are going to find that out when we talk to Leah Macintosh who experienced that and more. Leah will have you believing in messages from the other side, Energy Vampires, understanding the art of self-forgiveness, and teach you how to recognize the signs that somebody might be on that same path. I’m your host Michael Herst and this is That Thing About My Best Friend Reached Out From the Other Side. My guest in this episode is Leah McIntosh, Leah is a Master NLP Practitioner+ Success Coach focusing on helping others find their freedom through practicing self-forgiveness. Leah’s journey to self-forgiveness was hard fought and she learned that there is no one size fits all approach to healing and transformation and she displays this weekly on her podcast “It Might Be You.” Leah resides in Virginia with her husband and two dogs. Find out more and find her contact info on the website found here


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